Muminah Henderson

(Transcending Barriers Health/Wellness Life Coaching)

What stands between you and the life of your dreams?

It’s hard to believe that many years ago, Muminah made a decision to stop the violence in her life by violently ending her own. Since acknowledging that her own life has meaning, purpose and value, she now experiences an unquenchable thirst for life; life with a meaningful existence! Her own transformation led her to supporting other men and women in their transition from hopeless to hopeful. By late 1990’s she had helped countless individuals regain their dignity, connect with their innate greatness and stay on a course to receive unimaginable joy and purpose through group and one on one mentoring.

In her personal journey to wholeness, she has undertaken many spiritual journeys and discovered astounding and life-changing truths which she continues to share today. The greatest of these has been learning to harness the power of the mind.

She is a certified fitness professional, facilitator of The Reconnection Energetic Healings® and a certified Life Coach through The Life Mastery Institute. She facilitates workshops, is a motivational speaker and creates and facilitates physical fitness programs designed to transform the mind, body and soul.

Muminah is currently writing a series of short “coaching” stories, chronicling her life’s journey. These stories allow you to travel with her through the journey of self discovery. She also honestly and openly shares her walk to victory and outlines her steps clearly enough for you to follow toward finding your voice, your strength and the inner YOU hidden beneath the doubt.

“I am a total health and wellness advocate. I fully understand the importance of mind, body and spiritual wellness. I don’t just “teach” these programs. I live them. I know intimately, those feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt and depression. But, I have also come to know that those feelings and the experiences out of which they were born, do not define me. I can reinvent myself at any time. And, so can you. So, if you are serious about changing your life. You have found a game changer who will joyfully guide you through the process, cheer with you through your successes and keep you on purpose when you want to quit. Together, we can discover and transcend any barrier preventing you from living the ultimate life of your dreams. I’m Muminah Henderson and I’m a survivor and a thriver!”




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